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Where Were You 50 Years After MLK Jr.’s ‘Dream’ Speech?

Christopher Walton on 01/27/2015

MLK_pic1I am very worried about today’s lack of political leadership. There are no Martin Luther King’s today leading black Americans. I am worried about the lack of political cohesion among today’s black Americans. Last Monday we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of MLK’s famous ‘I Have A Dream Speech’. Where were you? Did you know about it? Did you listen to it? I did.

I was driving through impoverished rural Wisconsin heading back from dropping my son off a college. As I drove over pristine cattle ranches and cornfields and through small town America heading toward Chicago’s O’Hare Airport I saw and thought about two things. One was how terribly torn apart black America is socially, economically, and politically. And second, how dire the plight of our inner cites and small town rural America is for black Americans.  I saw what upscale realtors call “delayed improvements” on thousands of homes. I saw broken and run down public schools, I saw and read about the large and growing numbers of unemployed black Americans. And as I drove through Chicago I thought of the number of black youths that are murdered routinely in not only Chicago but also every inner city across America through.

Racism is still alive and well in America. De facto, de jure, blatant, overt, covet what ever you wish to call it racism is still as painful, deadly, and aggressive as ever.  What I thought about when I heard President Barack Obama, et al.  commemorating everyone involved the now defunct American Civil Rights movement of the 1950s was the grave challenges to today’s black America and the successful campaign of white America against them. White America has long ago declared war on black America. Whether it is through placing millions of black Americans in jails, the inequality of the crack cocaine punishments, allowing failed inner city public schools to prevail, high unemployment, or the recent attacks on the Voter Right’s Act black America is in jeopardy now more than ever.

At age 43, I can say that I was there to commemorate and remember the 50th Anniversary of King’s dream. Where were you?






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