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What Aren’t You Reading?

Christopher Walton on 05/10/2013

As a reporter/political blogger for Politics Uncensored I do a lot of reading. We learned in the most recent presidential election a new political science term: the uninformed voter.  In the past, liberals have had other names for these good folks, but for now let’s use it. Even the conservative talk shows adopted the terminology. The most painful and difficult task that I have as a political blogger is to interview, listen to, or read works by ultra-conservative pundits, politicians, or authors.  It’s like eating broccoli, but raw and unwashed. I have to do it and need to do it in order to stay informed. Listening to and reading the books of Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Anne Coulter and Rush Limbaugh makes my skin crawl.  After curling into one of their books I need to be deloused and steam cleaned. But, read I do.

Reading the above cast of characters helps me begin my weekly approach to balanced journalism and reporting. Once I know what the crazies have to say I then circle back to the leading conservative think tanks, web sites, and great minds (indeed) of today’s conservative movement. They have a lot to teach us.

I am referring to Ross Douthat’s New York Times article (see article) that reminds readers and voters to do their homework.  Ross’s article is a useful blueprint on how to stay informed. After reading such a variety of left, right, and center politics each week, you will realize even the most liberal nightly news shows can be mind numbing.

Follow Ross’s advice and you will be reading like a pro. So, what aren’t you reading?


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