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The Small Brains and Big Money Behind the GOP/Libertarians

Christopher Walton on 06/05/2013

KockBros_pics2Perhaps we should be looking at Obama’s suggestion to tear apart Social Security and Medicare from a different angle. This angle is where we shouldn’t even be talking about touching these two critical benefits! Neither affects our current budget deficit. Neither of these two benefits affects our future deficits for at least ten to twenty years. And most importantly, we would be taking from the neediest of Americans. Remember, the COLA was frozen for senior citizens for TWO YEARS recently. The suggestion that the needy can survive escalating housing costs, rental costs, food prices, and health insurance is absurd. I know why selfish Republicans would like this plan that wages war against the poor and middle class. I don’t see why Obama is so foolishness to throw this red meat to the GOP leadership.

Looking at the side of the argument that ignores any cuts to Social SecurityALEC_anti_pic1 and Medicare, we need to focus on the key tyrants leading the GOP charge for all conservative policies: pro-gun, anti-immigrants, anti-abortion, anti-tax cuts, thrashing social services, etc., etc. , etc.

For starters, yes the Democrats have their own deep pocket funders and backers. Yes, the Democrats have a wealthy powerbase in places like New York and California. And no, from a progressives point of view you should not suggest that the morality (or lack thereof) negates the two.

ALEC_anti_pic5Enter the Koch Brothers and their creation, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). The two most destructive, maniacal anti-American groups that I can ever think of.  Think Dick Cheney to the 3rd power!  Let’s begin with hearing from the Koch brothers themselves to see how demonic they are (click here).

Are you conservative? Are you a Tea Party supporter? Do you enjoy your VA benefits that you earned? Do you really think that a smaller government that is redesigned by Republicans to not protect your insurance, your salary, your environment and your Social Security and Medicare benefits, etc. is what you really think is best for you? Take a look at this to get a better understanding of ALEC and the Koch’s (click here).

ALEC_anti_pic4Are you still with me? Then you should be starting to understand two critical points. One, the Koch brothers are billionaires. Two, they give their money, power and support to hundreds of libertarian, conservative, and anti-global warming think tanks all in the name of pro-business investments over the investment in human capital and the betterment of the American society (progressive style). They support groups like: The Heartland Institute, The Federalist Society, the Ayn Rand Institute, and the Institute for Humane Studies. Each group is more sinister then the next as they attempt to rob America of democracy, unions, fair pay, adequate housing, fair and equitable social, economic, and political policies (click here).

Are you still a working class libertarian? Still think the GOP backers, the Koch brothers, have your best interest in mind? Do you really think that humans don’t play a role in the destruction of the environment? Still don’t believe that the GOP and Libertarians are completely off their rocker and have the worst policies for America? Then please enjoy the following collection of articles devoted to ALEC, the Koch brothers and their horrific effects on state policies that my intern Zoe cleverly put together for you (click here).

P.S. from Chris:

Had enough of the gun violence and pro-murder NRA? Had enough of Obama’s pro-Republican Party’s cuts to Social Security and Medicare? Then do something about it! I urge you to go on the following sites and follow their efforts:




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