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Don’t believe the hype: Americans really do support health care reform

Chris Walker on 11/28/2014

35 percent of Americans say the law is too liberal. 16 percent, however, think the law isn’t liberal enough, that it didn’t go as far as it needed to go to reform the health insurance industry in this county. Taken together, that means that almost six in ten Americans are happy with the law or want more from it, while less than 4 in ten Americans think it goes too far.


Republicans Vote To Repeal Obama-Backed Bill That Would Destroy Flesh Eating Plague Headed For US

Dillon Wilson on 08/13/2013

WASHINGTON— Sending a strong message to President Obama and his socialist agenda, all 233 House Republicans voted Friday to repeal the Flesh Eating Plague Cure and Human Life Preservation Act, which was signed into law last year to destroy the deadly skin devouring plague headed towards the US. The $120 billion legislation, which would develop [...]


Monsanto and Obama: Terrorizing Our Food

Christopher Walton on 06/19/2013

Republican/Tea Party leadership continues to plod along daily, trying to secure political and economic victories that promote horrendous racial, gender and class divisions. The Republican/Tea Party’s destructive nature and predatory practices seek to consume every available natural resource and personal freedoms that we enjoy as Americans. Typically, Americans fight over values, politics, morals, taxes, religion, the [...]


Obama Asks Congress For $50 Billion To Help Fight War On Scandals

Dillon Wilson on 06/04/2013

WASHINGTON—Citing the need to safeguard “America’s most vital institutions and politicians” against potentially devastating attacks, President Obama asked Congress to sign off Monday on a $50 billion funding package to help fight the ongoing War On Scandals. “I want the American people to know, this continuous onslaught of scandals poses the greatest threat to our [...]


U.S. Admits To Killing 4 Americans in Drone Strikes, Obama Says “Hey…Shit Happens”

Dillon Wilson on 05/28/2013

WASHINGTON – When asked to respond to the recent disclosure that the U.S. government killed 4 Americans with aerial drone strikes, President Obama simply replied “Hey…shit happens. You can’t bake a cake without breaking a few eggs…you know.” Outraged by the news, Republican Congressman Michael Grimm, blasted the President for “bringing Chicago-style politics to the [...]


IRS Scandal Smokescreen For GOP Hidden Agenda

Christopher Walton on 05/17/2013

Had enough of the Republican Congressional filibustering? Are you still angry about the death of the middle class at the hands of the GOP? Sick of the GOP/Tea Party Congress wasting millions of dollars inventing scandals and hearings — like Benghazi– that are waged to hurt Hillary Clinton’s huge electoral support for 2016 and to [...]


GOP Tries for 37th Time to Kill Obamacare

Christopher Walton on 05/15/2013

Greetings fellow Americans who love democracy; the middle class; and protecting the health, safety and livelihood of every American (legal and non). This week we have witnessed the relentless efforts of the Republican/Tea Party leadership throwing everything but the old kitchen sink at President Obama. The smokescreen waged against Obamacare, Benghazi-gate, and a very scary situation [...]


DOW Breaks Records, Real Unemployment Rate Still Too High

Christopher Walton on 05/13/2013

Wow, look at that DOW! It is great to see the top 4-7% of Americans making huge gains for themselves. It is great to see that unemployment is down by some accounts. Please be sure to note that our country is still in dire straights and the middle class is still terribly under siege by [...]


Must See RNC Video: Mocking Obama’s First 100 Days

Christopher Walton on 05/02/2013

Please visit the following link for a very brief video and article posted by the Daily Kos. Progressives know all too well how despicable the Republican Party leadership is and the financial benefactors are that feed them. This film is the recently released RNC video “summarizing” President Obama’s First 100 Days in this, his second [...]



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