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Republicans Blast Obama For Not Praying Hard Enough

Dillon Wilson on 09/24/2013 Barack Obama

WASHINGTON, DC—President Obama, already receiving stiff criticism for his handling of the situation in Syria, has come under fire from Senate and House Republicans over what they call his “weak and indecisive” use of prayer for national guidance and assistance. “He simply isn’t praying hard enough! Every time our country faces some new crisis, the [...]


IRS Scandal Doesn’t Legitimize Tea Party Movement

Chris Walker on 05/16/2013

The Internal Revenue Service has recently taken heat for targeting Tea Party organizations for closer scrutiny when it comes to their taxes. The department in charge of collecting our nation’s revenue began focusing on right-wing Tea Party groups starting in 2010. Conservatives have criticized the IRS because the department is meant to be non-partisan, placing [...]



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