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Obama administration changes course on Plan B

Chris Walker on 06/26/2014

Disallowing Plan B based on the fact that it may cause an abortion is no longer a relevant argument to make. The research is clear that Plan B doesn’t cause, and therefore never causes, an abortion to take place.


Are American Evangelicals and American Jews United?

Christopher Walton on 06/10/2013

I was awestruck by Senator Lindsey Graham’s outspoken support for Israel during the Chuck Hagel Senatorial confirmation hearings earlier this month. I was not confused by the concept of a leading Republican looking for a chance to drub an Obama nominee, nor was I unused to the Republicans playing their one-upmanship game over the Democrats [...]


Scalia’s dissent finds liberal support

Chris Walker on 06/04/2013

An arrest and a conviction are far apart from one another. And if the standards switch, if states are granted the right to conduct searches based on arrests alone, then what is to stop the state from making these searches continuously?


What Aren’t You Reading?

Christopher Walton on 05/10/2013

As a reporter/political blogger for Politics Uncensored I do a lot of reading. We learned in the most recent presidential election a new political science term: the uninformed voter.  In the past, liberals have had other names for these good folks, but for now let’s use it. Even the conservative talk shows adopted the terminology. [...]


The Criminally Insane Celebrate Senate’s Rejection Of Gun Reform

Dillon Wilson on 04/23/2013

WASHINGTON – Following the Senate’s rejection of gun reform legislation that would have made gun shows perform background checks to prevent criminals and the mentally insane from buying guns, a group of mentally insane killers held a celebratory rally at the Jefferson Memorial Friday. “We were worried that the Senate might actually pass this crap. [...]



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