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Repealing DOMA: Reintroducing Ralph Reed

Christopher Walton on 12/10/2014 RalphReed1

There are so many ways that I wish to discuss my support for the repeal of DOMA and tomorrow’s United States Supreme Court case that challenges the constitutionality of the same sex marriage ban in California’s Proposition 8. Currently, there are 29 states that prohibit same sex marriage. Tomorrow’s Supreme Court hearing is the most [...]


Libertarians Are Corporate Led Fools

Christopher Walton on 11/11/2014 images

Are you a Libertarian? Do you really believe that you are a member of a pure Populist movement that is serving the public good? Like a bad scene in Newsroom, Mark Ames does a fantastic job outing the corporate dominance in the creation of modern day “Libertarianism”. This is a must read (click for summary [...]


Libertarians Killing the GOP

Christopher Walton on 06/17/2013

If you are paying close attention at the demise of the Republican Party you will notice that a cosmic shift within the Party is occurring. Who would have thought that it was going to be the gun issue that was going to cause the Republican Party to split apart? It is my belief that the [...]


Must See: Best Anti-Gun Commercial Ever

Christopher Walton on 06/14/2013

Have you had enough of losing the wimpy anti-gun legislation even with a majority in the Senate? Tired of both the Democrats and the Republican/Libertarian Party being afraid of the NRA? Had enough of gun violence in American cities? Then take a look at the best ever Anti-Gun commercial ever! Be sure to read the [...]


The Small Brains and Big Money Behind the GOP/Libertarians

Christopher Walton on 06/05/2013

Perhaps we should be looking at Obama’s suggestion to tear apart Social Security and Medicare from a different angle. This angle is where we shouldn’t even be talking about touching these two critical benefits! Neither affects our current budget deficit. Neither of these two benefits affects our future deficits for at least ten to twenty [...]


The Koch Brothers: Waging War Against Your Vote

Christopher Walton on 05/29/2013

Last week I wrote about the billions of dollars behind the Republican/Libertarian Party.  The Koch brothers are the largest family of donors and leaders who are, unfortunately, shaping every aspect of American policy. It is imperative, if you are a liberal or progressive, that you understand who your chief opposition is and how far reaching their tentacles [...]



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