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Brave Grizzly Bear Fends Off Group Of Meddling Backpackers

Dillon Wilson on 07/09/2013 grizzly-bear-wallpaper

NATURE — A peace loving grizzly bear, Bobo, came face-to-face with a group of backpackers and barely made it out alive, sources reported Saturday. Wildlife officials are crediting the courageous grizzly bear’s quick thinking, bearlike reflexes, and 1,200 pounds of coiled muscle with successfully fending off the human foot travelers. The quick-thinking grizzly managed to [...]


Neutered Chihuahua Depressed After Seeing 2 Dogs Humping In Alley

Dillon Wilson on 06/20/2013

NATURE – Sources within the McGinty household stated Thursday that their neutered Chihuahua, Hobbit, has become clinically depressed after seeing two stray dogs humping in the alley. “We don’t know what to do with him. Hobbit used to run around the house happy, barking and taking an occasional shit in the corner. Now he just [...]



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