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Marco Rubio

Repealing DOMA: Reintroducing Ralph Reed

Christopher Walton on 12/10/2014 RalphReed1

There are so many ways that I wish to discuss my support for the repeal of DOMA and tomorrow’s United States Supreme Court case that challenges the constitutionality of the same sex marriage ban in California’s Proposition 8. Currently, there are 29 states that prohibit same sex marriage. Tomorrow’s Supreme Court hearing is the most [...]


Libertarians Killing the GOP

Christopher Walton on 06/17/2013

If you are paying close attention at the demise of the Republican Party you will notice that a cosmic shift within the Party is occurring. Who would have thought that it was going to be the gun issue that was going to cause the Republican Party to split apart? It is my belief that the [...]


Say No to Supply-Side Economics

Christopher Walton on 05/06/2013

Paul Ryan has recently fallen into disregard with his Republican comrades. The Republicans are still mired in calculating what social and economic decisions should be made to ensure a victory in 2014. Notice that I said “calculate”. A lot of effort is being exerted by the GOP on whether or not to choose new policies [...]


Marco Rubio Isn’t Mexican!

Christopher Walton on 05/01/2013

I was talking with a Latina friend of mine today about my favorite topic, American Politics. I asked her opinion on what she thought about Marco Rubio. We started sharing a few good laughs about his Tea Party affiliation and him being manipulated by the Republican Party as the new face for Latino Immigration. Rubio [...]



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