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Conservative Husband Finally Wins An Argument With Liberal Wife, Neighbors Shocked

Dillon Wilson on 09/05/2013

WISCONSIN—According to stunned neighbors, after 10 years of marriage, Conservative husband Frank Scott has finally won an argument with his Liberal wife Alice. “I still can’t believe it. For years, Frank would start to argue some point yet everytime Alice would shut him down,” said nosy 65 year old neighbor Cynthia Stromm, who for years [...]


What Aren’t You Reading?

Christopher Walton on 05/10/2013

As a reporter/political blogger for Politics Uncensored I do a lot of reading. We learned in the most recent presidential election a new political science term: the uninformed voter.  In the past, liberals have had other names for these good folks, but for now let’s use it. Even the conservative talk shows adopted the terminology. [...]



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