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IRS Scandal

Is Rand Paul the new Joseph McCarthy?

Chris Walker on 05/21/2013

The actions of Rand Paul to discredit the president mirror those of Joe McCarthy. By creating a straw man argument, of criticizing the administration on doing something based on evidence that hasn’t yet materialized (much less known to exist), Paul creates a false sense of urgency, wrongly labeling the president as a sort of boogeyman who has done some wrong, without proper evidence to make such a claim.


IRS Scandal Smokescreen For GOP Hidden Agenda

Christopher Walton on 05/17/2013

Had enough of the Republican Congressional filibustering? Are you still angry about the death of the middle class at the hands of the GOP? Sick of the GOP/Tea Party Congress wasting millions of dollars inventing scandals and hearings — like Benghazi– that are waged to hurt Hillary Clinton’s huge electoral support for 2016 and to [...]



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