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Obsessive Compulsive Serial Killer Has To Shoot All Victims Exactly 27 Times

Dillon Wilson on 09/12/2013

MICHIGAN – Obsessive-compulsive serial killer Billy Joe Thomas confessed today that he is unable to shake himself of the repetitive ritual of shooting his victims exactly 27 times in the back. Calling the disorder ‘a real strain on his trigger finger’, Thomas says more often than not, he only means to shoot them once in [...]


Scientists Have Created A Genetically Altered Lamb That Glows Under Ultraviolet Light

Dillon Wilson on 09/04/2013

POINTS OF VIEW – Scientists in Uruguay announced last Wednesday the birth of the first genetically-modified phosphorescent sheep. Nine sheep were born in October 2012 at Uruguay’s Institute of Animal Reproduction, in an experiment done in partnership with the Institute Pasteur. According to the scientists, the sheep developed normally, without showing any difference with their [...]



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