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Must See: Best Anti-Gun Commercial Ever

Christopher Walton on 06/14/2013

Have you had enough of losing the wimpy anti-gun legislation even with a majority in the Senate? Tired of both the Democrats and the Republican/Libertarian Party being afraid of the NRA? Had enough of gun violence in American cities? Then take a look at the best ever Anti-Gun commercial ever! Be sure to read the [...]


Even Canadians Say No to Keystone XL Pipeline

Christopher Walton on 05/24/2013

President Obama is facing stiff criticism from both US political parties over his reluctance to support the Keystone XL Pipeline from going forward. Economic turmoil caused by American bankers and politicians has fueled the opposition to Obama’s promise to environmentalists. But even a majority of Canadians are urging both countries to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline project from going [...]



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