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Obama Asks Congress For $50 Billion To Help Fight War On Scandals

Dillon Wilson on 06/04/2013

WASHINGTON—Citing the need to safeguard “America’s most vital institutions and politicians” against potentially devastating attacks, President Obama asked Congress to sign off Monday on a $50 billion funding package to help fight the ongoing War On Scandals. “I want the American people to know, this continuous onslaught of scandals poses the greatest threat to our [...]


GOP’s New View On Contraception: “Life Begins At Boner”

Dillon Wilson on 05/07/2013

MISSOURI – After their latest multistate victory of getting legislation passed designed to close down abortion clinics in Mississippi, Missouri and Alabama, GOP lawmakers have decided to shift their focus to the root cause of unwanted pregnancies and abortions…horny men afraid of commitment. “If it’s a legitimate boner, the man’s body and mind has a [...]



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