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Chuck Hagel

Are American Evangelicals and American Jews United?

Christopher Walton on 06/10/2013

I was awestruck by Senator Lindsey Graham’s outspoken support for Israel during the Chuck Hagel Senatorial confirmation hearings earlier this month. I was not confused by the concept of a leading Republican looking for a chance to drub an Obama nominee, nor was I unused to the Republicans playing their one-upmanship game over the Democrats [...]


Obama Asks Congress For $50 Billion To Help Fight War On Scandals

Dillon Wilson on 06/04/2013

WASHINGTON—Citing the need to safeguard “America’s most vital institutions and politicians” against potentially devastating attacks, President Obama asked Congress to sign off Monday on a $50 billion funding package to help fight the ongoing War On Scandals. “I want the American people to know, this continuous onslaught of scandals poses the greatest threat to our [...]



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