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Repealing DOMA: Reintroducing Ralph Reed

Christopher Walton on 12/10/2014


There are so many ways that I wish to discuss my support for the repeal of DOMA and tomorrow’s United States Supreme Court case that challenges the constitutionality of the same sex marriage ban in California’s Proposition 8. Currently, there are 29 states that prohibit same sex marriage. Tomorrow’s Supreme Court hearing is the most important and significant human right’s case that has been decided since Roe v. Wade. The right to marry is determined by each state, according to our US Constitution. However, every now and then a state enacted law, which is passed by the will of that state’s majority, is overturned by our federal judiciary branch. This is yet another brilliant example of how checks and balances have worked for over 200 years. I wish to approach the unconstitutionality and immoral defense of banning same sex marriage through the eyes of the Christian right. Please allow me to reintroduce Ralph Reed.

I first began despising Ralph in the early 1990s after I graduated from college. Ralph was the poster boy for right wing Christian fanaticism that was steamrolling this country since the advent of the Reagan revolution.


This noxious fusion of “radical Republicanism and radical Christianity” under his original leadership of the Christian Coalition was steadfastly shaping the policies and laws of America. Please, take a moment to watch this Bill Moyer’s special on Ralph Reed: (click here).

Ralph once donned the cover of Time Magazine (much like Marco Rubio did recently) as the hope and face of the right. Both Ralph and Marco were propped up as poster boys; Ralph having since faded into the political netherworld of the Conservative Republicans, much like I believe Rubio will do very shortly.

Unfortunately, Ralph Reed still controlled a powerbase on which to drum the infusion of private personal religious beliefs into our public discourse, but also as far as our private bedrooms. Sunday’s weekly bully pulpit was not enough for American evangelicals; they had to push their private, constitutionally protected beliefs, against the “others”.  Enter Ralph Reed.

Ralph is currently the head of Faith and Freedom Coalition, founded in 2009. Reed had fallen out of favor after being directly linked to the Jack Abramoff scandals. Reed is now back and still very much a threat to American freedom and civil liberties. I no longer see him everywhere that I once saw Gingrich, Oliver North, and Pat Robertson. But he did surface yesterday on  ‘Meet the Press’ as the lone crusader trying to defend the defenseless attack on gay marriage. Statistics were brought out by both sides for and against repealing DOMA. The sudden and dramatic wave of support for gays, gay rights, gay marriage, and the all important sharing of legal and medical rights were covered convincingly by the liberal and moderate pundits who were up against the lonely Mr. Reed.

antiGaypic2Reed is a hollow vessel of a Christian coalition movement that robbed countless millions of their personal freedoms, their money (via donations) and even their civil liberties. The Evangelical right and today’s neo-cons today are leaderless and rudderless. Their fear of losing power and control, I believe, can be witnessed in their virulent support for the NRA and the purchasing of millions of guns since Obama won election. It can be counted in the surge of hate groups since Obama was elected. Their fear can most readily be seen in the venom in which neo-Cons and Christian evangelicals shut down abortion clinics in the south and mid west. And, it can be seen on the faces of those like Ralph Reed who no longer live in an America that they created for themselves.


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