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Libertarians Killing the GOP

Christopher Walton on 06/17/2013


If you are paying close attention at the demise of the Republican Party you will notice that a cosmic shift within the Party is occurring. Who would have thought that it was going to be the gun issue that was going to cause the Republican Party to split apart? It is my belief that the Libertarians (AK.A the Tea PARTY) are joining together to forge ahead as a new independent party. Their fractionalizing of the GOP will ruin both parties for decades. Let’s take a closer look at the current ‘massive killing spree prevention legislation’ that the Libertarians are blocking. Enter the latest Libertarian threat against the gun legislation proposal; it’s not with a vote but with a second filibuster!

Senator Mitch McConnell is the most prominent Republican leader to jump off of the sinking ship. Rand Paul and Texas Senator Cruz  are drawing much ire from the good ol’ boys of Marco Rubio and even John McCain.

Sorry Marco, this is not the Party of Reagan that you are trying to fit into. It is the new selfish gun toting, anti-poor, anti-United Nations, anti-everything party. Even Rubio and McCain can’t keep up with the breakneck speed in which the Libertarians are devouring any hope for the GOP’s future. Much like the topic of if gays should be allowed to marry, I can’t believe that I even have to donate time and energy reporting on the Libertarian crusade. How has McConnell jumped ship? Enter the 2nd round of the filibuster debate.

Rand Paul and his merry men of idiots are proposing to not even give the parents of dead school children across this country the respect and dignity of a public vote on the current ‘massive killing spree prevention legislation’ that is before Congress. President Obama has recently flown the families of Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Connecticut on Air Force One to Washington D.C. to demand an end to the Libertarian led filibuster attempt. Obama wants the Libertarians literally have to tell these parents “No!” to their faces.

More sinister than the filibuster led by Paul, Cruz and now McConnell, we now see Rand Paul doing the dirty work of the NRA and Gun Owners of America himself (click here).

Senator Paul is not only going after Republican politicians who are thinking about actually protecting Americans citizens, but he is also cashing in on the fear of the neo-cons.

What exactly do the gun advocates fear about background checks? Here is a great article that explains the debate from both sides (click here).

Do you remember that outrageous and depraved commercial created by the NRA attacking armed protection for President Obama and his daughter? Well, try this Rand Paul criticism of background checks on for size (click here).

Have you had enough of the extreme fringe gun advocates, the NRA and the new Libertarian Party’s policy of selfishness? Then I urge you to visit the following sites and take action:

Call your Senator and tell him/her to support President Obama’s gun reform measures.

Call your Senators right now and find out where they stand on gun reform?

Or, follow the directions of the site and article  below:
Thanks to supporters like you, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, is assembling a complete tally of where Senators stand on gun reform.

This “Grassroots Vote Count” will guide our strategy as we demand action from the Senate to pass legislation that will save lives. A typical call only takes a minute or two, and once we have results from all 50 states, we’ll publish the results for everyone to see.

Please help complete our grassroots Senate Vote Count by making a quick call right now:


Thanks for getting involved at this crucial moment,

Mark Glaze
Mayors Against Illegal Guns


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  • dai_sca

    You have the diagnosis correct: Your understanding that we are not idiots is apparently a void in your progressive consciousness. Not to worry. You must use force to force us to do what you wish to accomplish. I am not much on being forced. David Bell – Indian River Lagoon, FL.

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