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Female Chihuahua On Her Period Bites Ass Of Insensitive Mailman

Dillon Wilson on 10/24/2013

Killer_ChihuahuaNATURE—Apparently heedless of Muffin the Chihuahua’s menstrual induced mood swings, local mailman Dale Evans was violently bitten on the ass Friday. “All I did was walk onto the porch, put the mail in the box and then I noticed that Muffin looked kind of bloated,” said Dale, 37, now wearing a large cast on his ass. “So I leaned over, patted her on the head and said that she looked like she might be pregnant. Next thing I know, she snarls at me and bites me on the ass!”

“We knew something was wrong when Muffin started craving chocolate and complaining about cramps,” said Diane Stevens, the dog’s owner. “She’s been bitchy all week. Laughing one minute then crying the next. Yet we never thought that she’d bite Dale on his ass. She usually likes Dale.” Neighbors report seeing the mailman running down the street, with the snarling Chihuahua hanging from his ass, while screaming “Muffin I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it. You look pretty today…somebody get this crazy bitch off of me!”

The dog’s owner later stated that while Muffin is sorry for overreacting, the mailman had it coming for being such an insensitive prick.







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