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Eat Like a Libertarian: Just Don’t Vote Like One!

Christopher Walton on 06/12/2013

PaleoDiet_pic2 I disagree with my hero Bill Maher’s attack that it is time to draw a line at politicizing foods and the people who eat them. I say, all things are political! And that is the exciting thing about living. Sex, marriage, work, the religion we choose, the clothes we wear, all things and every choice we make is at some level a political one. But, I have to say that the concept of Libertarians having their own prescribed special diet took me by surprise. We ain’t talking just tea bags either. This newsflash came to me during a very benign conversation I had with a conservative 20-something who we had over for Easter dinner. Her one sided comment sounded something like this: “No, I’m not a liberal vegan eater like you, I eat the Libertarian diet.” For starters, I’m no vegan. Her comment ran by me with no thought at it at all. Until I had to remind myself that I was actually entering into a political debate over more than just my diet.

Let’s now focus on the connection between politics (in food) and corporate America (Whole Foods).  Nothing new here, right? Just the routine discussion of politics and corporate America, right? Our discussion will begin today by first revisiting a previously posted interview with John Mackey, the libertarian CEO of Whole Foods (click here).

What is this new libertarian diet fad that so many libertarians are subscribing to, you ask? It is called the Paleo diet. Now that you know how the guy selling you your food thinks, let’s move on to the fad itself.

And why is this Paleo diet so supported by the far-right? I’m glad that you asked (click here). And, to remind you just how political everything really is, even food, please take a look at the following link.  Be sure to read it in its entirety and view the really good video clip toward the end (click here).

So, America I don’t care if you follow the libertarian sex manual, their dietary plan or anything else they care to do in their kitchens and bedrooms (does this statement sound familiar?!). Just please don’t vote their way. Remember, it may be ok to eat like a cave man, but it’s not ok to think like one!


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