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DOW Breaks Records, Real Unemployment Rate Still Too High

Christopher Walton on 05/13/2013

unemployment_pic2Wow, look at that DOW! It is great to see the top 4-7% of Americans making huge gains for themselves. It is great to see that unemployment is down by some accounts. Please be sure to note that our country is still in dire straights and the middle class is still terribly under siege by Republican tax plans, GOP voting rights’ scams, the Sequester, the death of food stamp programs (see, Heritage Foundation!), the reemergence of the payroll tax, the death of the minimum wage rate and the agreement that not all corporations pay taxes.

 Are we all better off with national reports that the “unemployment rate” is down as of our latest reports in March? Or have millions of Americans fallen out of receiving unemployment benefits, given up all hope of finding a job, and selected themselves out of applying for unemployment benefits. Have we created a new class of Americans who are jobless and will remain so forever?

 Please explore the following links that explore these two real and very serious issues, the “real unemployment rate” and the negative impact that the DOW record highs really have on helping the American economy.  We are ruining America’s overall economy and driving middle class Americans into psychological, economic, and social ruin.Unemployment_pic1

 A total economic crash that will ruin this country for generations is on the near horizon. Republicans caused this decay under Bush II and the callousness of House and Senate Republicans is designed to place this upcoming economic crash on President Obama and the Democrats. Obama’s own indecision and moderate political course of ingratiating the Republican/Tea Party leaders is adding fuel to this economic “fire”.
 Don’t believe for a second that the dip in the unemployment rate is easing the pain that the middle and lower classes are feeling:

• http://www.cnbc.com/id/100691168

• http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-04-05/real-march-unemployment-rate-116

• http://www.econedlink.org/lessons/index.php?lid=1160&type=educator

• http://jobs.aol.com/articles/2013/04/05/real-unemployment-rate/

 Don’t think for a second that the record breaking DOW is helping anyone other than the top 4-7% of Americans:

• http://www.npr.org/blogs/money/2013/03/05/173515767/the-dow-isnt-really-at-a-record-high-and-it-wouldnt-matter-if-it-were
• http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2013/03/05/the-dow-joness-new-high-is-fake/

What are you going to do about this?


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