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Dick Cheney Explains Obamacare

Dillon Wilson on 10/15/2013

dick-cheney-obamacareWYOMING—During a recent interview with WyoFile News, former Vice President Dick Cheney was asked his opinion of Obamacare. “It’s the absolute worst piece of shit legislation I’ve ever seen! And remember I’ve supported hundreds of shitball bills in my time,” hissed the sinister, sharp fanged Cheney.

Cheney went on to explain to the crowd, that forcing insurance companies to comply with federal law in order to properly set up state-sponsored health care exchanges was a blatant act of socialism, Obamaism and a direct attack on our freedom. “Complete and utter bullshit. All of it. I needed a new heart. Did I go out and ask Uncle Sam for a government handout? Hell no! I used my Medicaid to help pay for my million dollar heart surgery like a REAL American.”

When asked if it was fair to have American taxpayers pay for a 71 year old, multimillionaire to get a brand new heart, Cheney replied, “I’m telling you, Obamacare is bullshit.”







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