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Conservative Husband Finally Wins An Argument With Liberal Wife, Neighbors Shocked

Dillon Wilson on 09/05/2013

man_arguingWithbabeWISCONSIN—According to stunned neighbors, after 10 years of marriage, Conservative husband Frank Scott has finally won an argument with his Liberal wife Alice. “I still can’t believe it. For years, Frank would start to argue some point yet everytime Alice would shut him down,” said nosy 65 year old neighbor Cynthia Stromm, who for years has listened in on the feuding couple by slightly opening her kitchen door. “We have no idea what’s going to happen now since the balance of power has shifted.”

Cynthia refers to the ‘friendly discussion’ that Frank and Alice recently had about gun control legislation. “Frank, when they wrote the Second Amendment, they couldn’t have foreseen that people would be carrying around military assault rifles” pressed Alice, intent on showing her Tea Party husband the need for gun control.

“Alice, why is it when you Liberals talk about the First Amendment freedom of speech, it’s fine to extend it to emails and text messages. But when it comes to the Second Amendment right to keep and bare arms, that’s only supposed to apply to muskets?” said Frank, using his best impression of a lawyer from ‘CSI’. “Well Alice…well?”

Following his slam dunk finish, sources said Alice spent over two hours sitting alone in the kitchen slapping herself in the head while reportedly repeating Frank’s words. “I never heard him talk that way before. Instead of his usual nonsensical rant about the government coming to take his guns, he actually made a very good point,” said a visibly shaken Alice. “I don’t know if our marriage can survive this”.

A source close to the couple, who requested to remain anonymous, observed through her kitchen door a very cocky Frank strut into the kitchen, smack Alice on the ass and tell her to make him a sandwich.






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