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The Small Brains and Big Money Behind the GOP/Libertarians

Christopher Walton on 06/05/2013

Perhaps we should be looking at Obama’s suggestion to tear apart Social Security and Medicare from a different angle. This angle is where we shouldn’t even be talking about touching these two critical benefits! Neither affects our current budget deficit. Neither of these two benefits affects our future deficits for at least ten to twenty [...]


Vikings, Reaganomics And Other Lies Republicans Tell

Christopher Walton on 06/03/2013

Is your Congressperson a liar? Does your Congressional representative think that Vikings, yes Vikings (!) experienced the same climate changes that we are currently experiencing? Are you going to allow Republicans to continue to use extreme ‘straw man’ arguments and false rhetoric to allow climate change and industrial carbon waste to ruin your water supply, [...]


The Koch Brothers: Waging War Against Your Vote

Christopher Walton on 05/29/2013

Last week I wrote about the billions of dollars behind the Republican/Libertarian Party.  The Koch brothers are the largest family of donors and leaders who are, unfortunately, shaping every aspect of American policy. It is imperative, if you are a liberal or progressive, that you understand who your chief opposition is and how far reaching their tentacles [...]


God versus Religion

Christopher Walton on 05/27/2013

Here is my problem with people who choose to embrace religion — any religion — as a cornerstone to preach to others about how their particular religion should shape everyone else’s world view. This happens in America when Evangelicals and ultra-conservatives of all religions use state and federal legislation to shape our lives. This selfishness [...]


Even Canadians Say No to Keystone XL Pipeline

Christopher Walton on 05/24/2013

President Obama is facing stiff criticism from both US political parties over his reluctance to support the Keystone XL Pipeline from going forward. Economic turmoil caused by American bankers and politicians has fueled the opposition to Obama’s promise to environmentalists. But even a majority of Canadians are urging both countries to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline project from going [...]


Can You Spell CPI?

Christopher Walton on 05/23/2013

The Progressives have it right. Not only can they spell C-P-I, but they actually know what it is. Do you? If you are a worker, mortgage holder, college student, retiree or soon to be retiree you’d better learn all that you can about the Consumer Price Index and the Chained CPI debate. Vermont U.S. Senator [...]


IRS Scandal Smokescreen For GOP Hidden Agenda

Christopher Walton on 05/17/2013

Had enough of the Republican Congressional filibustering? Are you still angry about the death of the middle class at the hands of the GOP? Sick of the GOP/Tea Party Congress wasting millions of dollars inventing scandals and hearings — like Benghazi– that are waged to hurt Hillary Clinton’s huge electoral support for 2016 and to [...]


GOP Tries for 37th Time to Kill Obamacare

Christopher Walton on 05/15/2013

Greetings fellow Americans who love democracy; the middle class; and protecting the health, safety and livelihood of every American (legal and non). This week we have witnessed the relentless efforts of the Republican/Tea Party leadership throwing everything but the old kitchen sink at President Obama. The smokescreen waged against Obamacare, Benghazi-gate, and a very scary situation [...]


Democracy Battered By Feds and GOP

Christopher Walton on 05/14/2013

Wow, what a party the Feds are having this month! Benghazi, IRS scandal, and the Department of Justices’ “illegal” seizing of the Associated Press’s phone records. We are having a real problem America. Note how quickly the GOP/Tea Party will ride this tide right through the 2014 and 2016 elections. What should we know about [...]


DOW Breaks Records, Real Unemployment Rate Still Too High

Christopher Walton on 05/13/2013

Wow, look at that DOW! It is great to see the top 4-7% of Americans making huge gains for themselves. It is great to see that unemployment is down by some accounts. Please be sure to note that our country is still in dire straights and the middle class is still terribly under siege by [...]



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