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Left But Not Behind

Don’t believe the hype: Americans really do support health care reform

Chris Walker on 11/28/2014

35 percent of Americans say the law is too liberal. 16 percent, however, think the law isn’t liberal enough, that it didn’t go as far as it needed to go to reform the health insurance industry in this county. Taken together, that means that almost six in ten Americans are happy with the law or want more from it, while less than 4 in ten Americans think it goes too far.


Obama administration changes course on Plan B

Chris Walker on 06/26/2014

Disallowing Plan B based on the fact that it may cause an abortion is no longer a relevant argument to make. The research is clear that Plan B doesn’t cause, and therefore never causes, an abortion to take place.


Scalia’s dissent finds liberal support

Chris Walker on 06/04/2013

An arrest and a conviction are far apart from one another. And if the standards switch, if states are granted the right to conduct searches based on arrests alone, then what is to stop the state from making these searches continuously?


Is Rand Paul the new Joseph McCarthy?

Chris Walker on 05/21/2013

The actions of Rand Paul to discredit the president mirror those of Joe McCarthy. By creating a straw man argument, of criticizing the administration on doing something based on evidence that hasn’t yet materialized (much less known to exist), Paul creates a false sense of urgency, wrongly labeling the president as a sort of boogeyman who has done some wrong, without proper evidence to make such a claim.


IRS Scandal Doesn’t Legitimize Tea Party Movement

Chris Walker on 05/16/2013

The Internal Revenue Service has recently taken heat for targeting Tea Party organizations for closer scrutiny when it comes to their taxes. The department in charge of collecting our nation’s revenue began focusing on right-wing Tea Party groups starting in 2010. Conservatives have criticized the IRS because the department is meant to be non-partisan, placing [...]



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