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British Citizens Upset Over Traces Of Horse Meat Found In Food, Tourists Say They Can’t Taste The Difference

Dillon Wilson on 10/10/2013


Britsh Black Pudding
A sausage made from pigs’ blood and oatmeal then deep fried.

LONDON – Battling to contain the mounting crisis from earlier this year over horse meat being put into products labeled as beef, Britain’s Food Standards Agency said that two meat packing plants near London were raided and several arrests were made yet many foreign tourists report that they can’t taste the difference anyway.

“One of their favorite dishes is called cottage pie which is simply a bowl of overcooked ground beef with mashed potatoes ladled on top. As a kid, my mom used to fuss at me about doing stuff like that with my food and these people consider it a delicacy. Eeeeech!” said slightly nauseous tourist James Thomas of Sacramento.  “I think the addition of horsemeat to their foods is actually an improvement.”

Director Frank Tesch of the US Food and Drug Administration commented “It’s not very often that we can look down on Britain, which is why it feels so good now.”


Stargazy Pie
Another British delicacy that horsemeat has turned up in improving the taste from “eeeww!” to “Bleeecchh!”















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